5 Unique Lip Looks to Try

Whenever we think about trying out a new lip colors, our go-to shades tend to fall in the pink, red, and neutral categories. However, after our recent bold & beautiful lips makeup challenge, we were so inspired with the unique colors many of our members submitted that we couldn’t help but fall is love with the idea of trying out bolder colors. Since it can be hard to know where to start when venturing out of your lipstick comfort zone, we’ve highlighted five not-so-common lip looks that we think are a must try for your next night out!

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A new tool to find your perfect lipstick

We love lipstick (did you see our latest makeup challenge?)!  Yet, we know how tricky it can be to find the ‘perfect match’ when the options are so endless.  To help solve this problem, we’ve decided to create a lipstick recommendation tool that will allow you to search for your perfect lipstick.

We’re still in the process of building out this feature, and thought, who better to ask for feedback than our beautiful users!? Check out our mock-ups below, and share with us your thoughts! We’ve highlighted a few specific questions, but would love to hear any general feedback you may have on the tool as well.

Lipstick mockup 1
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New ways to find inspiration on Savvyist

You may have noticed a few new features on Savvyist recently. We’re very excited about the new developments and wanted to showcase two of the newest features in today’s blog post.

1. Filter to discover looks by people like you

New Feature: Filter By People Like You

Although we love browsing through all of the amazing looks uploaded by community members to find inspiration, we realized how helpful it would be if we added a tool that would allow you to filter to find looks that matched your own coloring. You may remember our Beauty Guru Tool (which matches you to beauty bloggers and youtubers with similar skin tones, eye color, etc), well our new filter functions in a similar way! Head over to our ‘Looks‘ page to test it out, and to see what other Savvyist members share your features!

2. Inspiration Page

New Feature: Inspiration Page

Some days, you may not know exactly how you want to do your makeup, but do know that you want to rock a bold red lip-or really play up your eyes. This is where our inspiration page comes into play. Our inspiration page pulls together looks based on popular categories, and shows you exactly what makeup product was used to achieve each look! Just select the icon for the category you want to explore (bright pink lips, perhaps?), and you’ll be provided with our favorite looks submitted by Savvyist members that match your desired category.

We are still building out these two features and would love to hear your thoughts  or suggestions. Please share them with us in the comments below!


Enhancing your natural lip color

We love experimenting with vibrant shades of lipstick; yet every once in a while, the occasion calls for a neutral, natural lip color.  Since there are so many options to choose from, our team compiled several recommendations that can help enhance your natural lip color, helping you make your lips just a little bit darker or pinker. We’ve selected the top three for each skin tone to highlight below.
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