Our Magical ‘Fairy Tale’ Challenge Winners!

*poof* Hey guys! Thank you all for sharing your enchanted submissions to our Fairy Tale Makeup Challenge. As usual, the choice was a very difficult one, and we very much thank our makeup expert judge, Stephanie Lange (Youtube: Stephanie Lange Makeup) for making the final decision. Without further ado, we present to you the five winners and comments by Stephanie!


Submission by Sandra

Submission by Sandra

I believe Sandra is a past winner, but this image instantly captured me. I love everything about it. Sandra has created a gorgeous whimsical image, from the hair parting to reveal the ear, to the accessories she chose to complement the makeup. In regards to the makeup itself, Sandra seems to know how much is ‘enough’. Sometimes with a concept like this, it can be tempting to go ‘over the top’, but Sandra’s makeup in this image is soft, iridescent and fairylike. She has applied just enough to create imagination. I LOVE it!


Submission by Isadora

Submission by Isadora Blake

You can tell she put a lot of work into this look; from the hair, to the neck, she has not forgotten any areas. I love the colours she chose, they make me think of an evil mermaid, lurking deep within the ocean!


Submission by Gloglonow

Submission by Gloglonow

This look was so beautiful and whimsical. If shows that you don’t need a lot of SFX or editing to create a powerful image. The model’s face is so expressive, and that paired with the simple statement makeup, results in a thought provoking image.


Submission by Jessica Hayes MUA

Submission by Jessica Hayes MUA

I know she won the past makeup challenge, but i just couldn’t resist making her a winner again! Everything from the brows, to the hair, to the bright red apple screams ‘Fairy Tale’ to me. She got the concept spot on. This is one girl who always manages to transform herself with makeup, to create art.


Submission by Jóna Björg Arnarsdóttir

Submission by Jóna Björg Arnarsdóttir

I love the way the fire red dissolves into her hair. The burnt orange/red of the lips offsets the colour through the hair beautifully. There’s quite a lot going on here, but i think it works!


We hope you all enjoyed the challenge as much as we did 🙂 Are you ready for the next one? Don’t forget to add your vote to the poll to choose the next challenge ❤ By the way, if you ever have a good idea for a challenge theme, let us know!

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