5 Unique Lip Looks to Try

Whenever we think about trying out a new lip colors, our go-to shades tend to fall in the pink, red, and neutral categories. However, after our recent bold & beautiful lips makeup challenge, we were so inspired with the unique colors many of our members submitted that we couldn’t help but fall is love with the idea of trying out bolder colors. Since it can be hard to know where to start when venturing out of your lipstick comfort zone, we’ve highlighted five not-so-common lip looks that we think are a must try for your next night out!

Green Lipstick

We love this green lip look created by Ashley, using a creamy green Melt Cosmetics Blow Lipstick. The design is subtle, yet is certainly an eye catcher. We’re thinking this color would be perfect to try for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!


Purple lipstick

This purple lip by RebeccashoresMUA is fierce. Created using Obsessive Compulsive Technopagan Lipstick, this color is incredibly vibrant and is sure to capture the attention of many admirers.



We’re so impressed with this ombre look by Hera, we can’t wait to try it our ourselves! The subtle combination of colors and the light hues make it a great option for those looking to experience with different (lighter) lip colors.


purple & blue

For those looking to get a bit artistic with their lip styles, this ‘galaxy’ look by Cleos is truly stunning. We love the way the purple and blues mix together so flawlessly, and can imagine wearing this type of look for a night on the town.


red lipstick


For those who are still a little hesitant to dive into the more unique colors, here’s a fun take on a red lip with a bit of a twist. This look was created by Makeup by Lis using Kat Von Studded Lipstick (shade: Motorhead) and adding MAC’s Cremesheen Lipgloss (shade: Courting Chic) on top to lighten the look and add a touch of glitter. We love the sparkle, and think this look is the perfect way to try out something a little more unique, without moving too far away from the standard lip colors.

If you’re still in need a little convincing to try out a new not-so-conventional lip color, you can find additional inspiration here.  We’d love to see your take on the unique lip, and hear your thoughts on your favorite colors to use.

Share with us on twitter using #savvyistlips or by adding your look to the site!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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