5 Indie makeup brands worth checking out

Stuck in a makeup rut? We get it, it’s happened to us before. It becomes way too easy to stick with what you know, rather than to try out something new. Luckily for you, there’s been an explosion of great indie brands and products in recent years, offering unique shades, adorable packaging, and quite often, vegan and cruelty-free products. To help you along, we’ve put together a list of 5 tried and true indie makeup brands definitely worth checking out.

1. Shiro Cosmetics: Offers hand-made makeup that’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Why people love Shiro: Excellent customer service, creative packaging and themed collections — think “The Hobbit”, “Pokemon”, and Nic Cage (yes, Nicholas Cage. In pumps and drag.), unique shades (including new color released every month), and Custom lip gloss (where you can specify the shade, opacity, and flavor).

Shiro Cosmetics


2. Fyrinnae Cosmetics: Operating in the Pacific Northwest, this indie brand produces vegan & cruelty-free products, all in-house. Why people love Fyrinnae: Highly pigmented, multidimensional shadows that are long lasting and inexpensive to boot. Pixie epoxy, a “glue” that keeps sparkles on and helps create a foiled look, is a fan favorite.

Fyrinnae Cosmetics


3. Hello Waffle Cosmetics: Named after the owner’s cat Waffle, this indie brand features fairytale/fantasy themed collections (ex. Frozen and Tangled) and several vegan friendly products. Why people love Hello Waffle: Great customer service and turnaround time, adorable, hand-drawn packaging, generous samples, and high quality eyeshadows and lipbalms.

Hello Waffle Cosmetics


4. Meow Cosmetics: Handmade, all natural mineral products, Meow Cosmetics has an impressive 800+ shades of eyeshadow and 86 shades of foundation and concealer. Why people love Meow Cosmetics: Extensive foundation shade range allowing you to find the “perfect match” for your skin tone, quick turnaround time, and frequent sales on top of their reasonable prices.

Meow Cosmetics


5. Darling Girl Cosmetics: 100% cruelty free, this indie makeup brand offers free ‘samples & stickers’ with every order! Why people love Darling Girl Cosmetics: Beautiful, richly pigmented eyeshadows (especially duochromes), long lasting wear, and great customer service.

Darling Girl Cosmetics


If you’re interested in exploring more, we recommend you check out the Reddit subforum /r/indiemakeupandmore and this forum, where many people have shared their candid experiences with indie brands.

What indie brands have you tried before? Do you have any favorites? Share with us in the comments below or via Twitter!


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