4 Amazing MAC Makeup Dupes

Whether it’s budget, accessibility, or the desire to try something new, we love finding dupes for our favorite shades! Check out 4 amazing MAC dupes below!

Mac heroine and colourpop grind

MAC Heroine is worn by @makeupbybrievega & Colourpop Grind is worn by Sandra

1. MAC Heroine ($16)  vs. Colourpop Grind ($5): A wonderful and inexpensive alternative to MAC’s bright purple Heroine lipstick is Colourpop’s vivid, violet colored Lippie Stix.


MAC Diva vs wet n wild cherry bomb

MAC Diva is worn by @glamstyln and Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb is worn by Lauren

2. MAC Diva  ($16) vs. Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb ($2.50): If you’re looking for an intense reddish-burgundy lipstick similar to MAC’s Diva, Wet n Wild’s Cherry Bomb is a fabulous option.


MAC vegas volt vs. Coral Berry

MAC Vegas Volt is worn by susiemoralesmua and the Revlon Coral-Berry swatch is courtesy of Himi’s Beauty Diary

3. MAC Vegas Volt ($16) vs. Revlon Coral-Berry ($6.50): Creamy in texture, Revlon’s Coral-Berry is a great alternative to MAC’s full power coral Vegas Volt lipstick.


MAC Candy Yum Yum and Sephora Whipped Blush

MAC Candy Yum Yum swatch courtesy of Flawless faces by Delisha shah and Sephora Whipped Blush swatch is courtesy of @themakeupbag_

4. MAC Candy Yum Yum ($16) vs. Sephora Whipped Blush ($13): Equally as pink & neon, Sephora’s Whipped Blush lipstain is a great substitute for MAC’s Candy Yum Yum.

Do you have any favorite makeup dupes? Share with us in the comments below!

“Dreaming of Summer” Challenge Winners!

We love every makeup challenge we’ve had, but this one has got to be our favorite so far. The vibrant looks you shared fast-forwarded us past all the snow, straight into summertime. There were so many stunning submissions that we were pretty relieved to give our makeup expert judge, Mykie (Glamandgore.com|Instagram|Youtube), the final say on the winners. Unsurprisingly, she had a really tough time too, and asked to add an extra winner:

“It was really difficult to choose just 5 (as you can see, since I included 6, haha) because they were all really beautifully done! I made my decisions based on a few different factors: the artist’s concept in relation to the theme of ‘Dreaming of Summer’, it’s technical execution, and it’s uniqueness.”

Without further ado, here are the winners, and comments by Mykie!

Submission by Bria

Submission by Bria

“Bria’s look reminds me of some of my favorite parts of summer. That super bright blue reminds me of swimming pools, and lightning from summer thunderstorms. The yellow and black actually reminds me of big summer action blockbusters, and bumblebees. I think it was a bold combination to put together that turned out to be really interesting, and unique.”


Submission by Jessica Hayes MUA

Submission by Jessica Hayes MUA

“Jessica’s look is the perfect combination of both a subtle and bold summer look. The eyes and cheeks are kept glowy and natural but the bold lip makes the look really fun. I love the mix of the two, and it was executed really well.”


Submission by Tyler

Submission by Tyler

“I think Tyler has perfectly executed a the beachy, natural, glowy summer look. It could be worn by anyone for any summer activity. It looks effortless, even though we all know good natural makeup can take quite a bit of effort to pull off! He does it like a true pro.”


Submission by sandra

Submission by sandra

“Sandra’s look is straight up bold, and a perfect summer inspired look. The warm summer colors are complimented well between the lips and the eyes, and the blending is perfection. The yellow glitter is a really nice added touch to bring the look to the next level. It’s like she’s crying sunshine. I know that’s weird to say but I’m just callin’ it like I see it. Basically, it’s perfect for the theme.”


Submission by tuba_cee

Submission by tuba_cee

“Tuba_cee ‘s lip art really caught my eye because of how different it was. The blend of colors are very summer citrus-y and it’s originality is extremely refreshing. Now I want a lemonade.”


Submission by Medeaij

Submission by Medeaij

“Medeai has a beautiful combo of bold bright color and glowing skin. I liked that she picked a hot pink/magenta, compared to some of the other common colors being chosen, and the makeup overall is on point.”


Congratulations to our winners!! Thank you for everyone who created and shared their unique looks, and to Mykie for being such an amazing judge! Don’t forget to add your vote in the poll to help choose our next challenge theme. ❤

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Challenge Winners!

As you may have heard, this recent makeup challenge was a bit special. Instead of having the winners be selected purely by votes, we brought on an impartial panel beauty bloggers and MUA’s to have the final say. Our Boston-based guest judges were: Natalie Shafie of Natalie Shafie Makeup, Ann Marie of Anemone Makeup, Valerie of TheSweetSeed, Daisy of Daisy’s Days, Kristin of BeautyXpose, El of Beauty Isle, Jacqueline of Polished Perfectly. (Why Boston? Because we’re from there of course!).

We shared the top voted looks to our panel… and here are the results! (+ comments which some judges chose to provide)
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