It’s time to get creative…introducing our new mosaic tool!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Mosaic tool is officially live! If you haven’t stumbled upon this new feature yet, be sure to check it out—we think it’s pretty cool :).

The mosaic tool allows you to do a side-by-side comparison of 9 different products/looks/swatches. Whether you want to compare and contrast similar shades, showcase your top looks, or collect your favorite products—the choice is yours!

Blank Mosaic


To help you get started creating you own mosaics, we’ve outlined a few of the features below:

Creating your mosaic: When you are on any product/look page, underneath the image is a little icon where you can choose to add that look to your mosaic. You can add up to 9 looks/products to one mosaic.

Top Red Lipsticks of Beauty Gurus


Learning more about each swatch: To see more info about each swatch in a mosaic, you can simply click on the individual image and it will expand on the right side of the screen.

To see more info about a specific swatch


Rearranging your mosaic: You can drag any of the squares around to change-up the look of your mosaic. We’ve found this to be really helpful when comparing similar shades.

Drag and Drop Feature-Mosaics


Scrolling through swatches: Each square in your mosaic is a mini slideshow, allowing you to easily scroll through all of the looks associated with the product you selected. This feature is particularly helpful if you are trying to compare how certain products look on different skin tones and in different lighting conditions.

Slideshow feature-mosaics


When you curate a mosaic, you can either make it public so people can explore it on the mosaics page, or keep it private just for you. All of your completed and in-progress mosaics are kept on your profile page for easy viewing.

If you need a little inspiration before getting started, we’ve curated a few example mosaics with the help of some fabulous Beauty Gurus:

Head over to the mosaics page to begin curating your own mosaic,  and please share any thoughts or suggestions you have in the comments below!

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