Countdown: Our Favorite Looks of 2014

2014 is an iconic year for us. You helped us grow from nothing (we were “born” this year!) to a site with gorgeous looks and kind community members. We hope you’ve found inspiration and joy from each other, had fun sharing looks, and discovered some great makeup along the way.

To ring in the New Year, we’ve decided to do a countdown of our 12 favorite looks from 2014. Why twelve and not ten? Well, the magic happens at midnight ;). If you’re not sure what we mean, read ‘til the end and you’ll understand!


This look from Youtuber/MUA Danna Selene is too pretty! The shades she used are simple, but her execution and color choices make this look feel natural, polished, and perfect for a date night.


kissandmakeupsbeautyblog brings us back to the 20’s with this fab flapper-inspired look… or what we imagine the 20’s to be. We love the red red pout, dark brows, and smoky eyes.


Everything about this look from Youtuber/Blogger NatalieKayo just works so well – the denim shirt, the tousled, sun-kissed hair, and MAC Smoked Purple, which seems like it was made just for her.


Jessica Hayes MUA is a crazy talented makeup artist with bold and artistic looks. The fact that this is her everyday, “go to look” just gives you a hint of how glam she is.


Sandra is always stunning us with her unique color choices. This look is our personal fav, and epitomizes what she does best: shimmery duo-chrome lids and a cool dark lip!


After a string of gorgeous close-up eye looks from TheBrownGirl, she wowed us with this impeccable face look. From her picture perfect red pout to her silvery, luxuriously lashed eyes, this look exemplifies “holiday glam”.


Hilda is extremely talented (just take a look at her profile pic!) and consistently shows up with beautiful looks. This one is a particular favorite because of… well, look at her eye makeup! It’s awesome! She paired it with a lovely messy bun and light lip.


The colorful eye looks by cleos are always perfection, making it really hard to choose a favorite. We ended up on this one because the shape is so clean and unique, but you really just ought to look at everything she does.


Jen submitted this Siren inspired look early on and it’s stuck with us since. The colors are simply beautiful, and it has just the right amount of interest around the eye area without going overboard.


This look is just so glamorous that it makes us kind of envious of Bria Amseleigh! That shade of gold on her lids is simply *swoon*. Complete with glowy skin, pink lips, and a matching gold cowl, we’re not sure this look could get any better.


Words cannot express how talented RebeccaShoresMUA is. She has literally the best makeup tutorials on her blog that we’ve seen and she creates looks that are incredibly artistic and all her own. This look is one example of that.


We’re not sure what inspired Ashley‘s look, but it feels kind of like it belongs in Tim Burton’s version of Alice and the Wonderland. No matter the inspiration, it’s beautiful and showcases her skill and immense creativity.

Well, what’d you think? Did you like our favorite picks? In celebration of their inspiring looks, we’ve decided to bring a little magic sparkle to the 12 lovely ladies featured here. We’re awarding each of them 20 Savvyist dollars, transformable into any gift card you like (1 Savvyist dollar = 1 USD, don’t ask us how that works, it’s magic ^_~). Congratulations!

Alright! We hope you enjoyed our countdown! If you like our seasonal favorite picks, please let us know and perhaps we’ll do it again. We wish you all a 2015 full of blessings, good cheer, and much love. ❤ Savvyist

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  1. Rebecca Shores

    Thank you so much! I am honored to be selected among other talented artists!


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