Top 5 blushes for lighter skin tones

Best of Blush for Lighter Skin

Knowing what type of blush to select for your skin tone can be tough. In fact, it was the search for a new blush that sparked the idea of Savvyist (you can read more about that here)! So, one of our team members compiled a list of top blushes for different colored skin tones. You can check out her full recommendations on our main site, but we’ve pulled together the top 5 blushes for lighter skin and shared them here.

1. NARS Powder Blush – Sex Appeal,  $30.00

A pale peach with a satin finish. It has good pigmentation, but because this is such a light color, it will only really show up on very light skin. It’s definitely a color that’s hard to over-do. If your skin is light but not very light, then we’d replace this recommendation with MAC Peaches, a matte blush that is also hard to over-do (it’s one of MAC’s sheertone blushes, with sheer to moderate, but buildable, pigmentation), which is darker and more orange than Sex Appeal.

2. Milani Baked Powder Blush – Luminoso 05,  $7.50

A light, shimmery peach that gives cheeks a beautiful glow. This blush, like all of Milani’s blushes, is very pigmented. Unfortunately, the packaging is a bit bulkier than it needs to be and not great for travel. Another peach blush that’s good for light skin is Illamasqua Lover, which is matte, brighter and more orange than Luminoso.

3. Benefit – Dandelion,  $28.00

A pale, warm pink with some shimmer. This sheer blush looks very natural on light skin, if you have warm undertones. We’d recommend this for very pale skin only. One thing to note-the packaging is a bit bulky, making it slightly inconvenient for travel.

4. Illamasqua Powder Blusher – Tremble,  $34.88

A vibrant light peachy pink with a matte finish. This blush is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Because it’s very finely milled, if you swirl your brush in it too hard, it may crumble a little or kick up some powder – so just pat it gently with your brush.

5. MAC Powder Blush – Tenderling,  $22.00

A muted rosy brown that leans a little peachy, with a matte finish. This soft, sheer blush looks very natural on fair, warm-toned skin. Tarte Exposed, which is rosier, is also a very popular neutral blush.

If you have any other favorites, please let us know by sharing in the comments!

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